Work at the Escaperoom

Dear dreamers, As I already told you a few posts ago; I have a job! It’s not really a normal job, like working at a supermarket. I work at an escape room! So,… Continue reading

Story time: Fields of flowers.

I can see the world clearly now. The beautiful, silent, living part of the world. The dying part of the world. I never saw it until now. Seeing the little beautiful parts, makes… Continue reading

The last day of the little get away + Shopblog

Dear dreamers, So let me tell you about the last day of the three day trip that I did with my mom. For the people who forgot: two weeks ago my mum and… Continue reading

Announcement: Weekly story time!

Dear dreamers, As you know, I love to write stories. But finding inspiration is sometimes a bit difficult. So I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fun, if you guys would send me a… Continue reading


Dear dreamers, Do you have songs that link you to a book? For example, when I read the Mortal Instruments, I was listening to Castaway from 5 Seconds of Summer non stop. So… Continue reading

Day two of the little get away!

Dear dreamers, I am again, lying on the bed while writing this. And yes I had a really nice bath, just like yesterday. BUT today there was something different! I used a little… Continue reading

Day one of the little get away!

Dear dreamers, I am writing this while lying down on the very comfy bed, fresh and clean from a nice bath. Yes yes, I arrived at the Cocoon Hotel Du Commerce in Houffalize… Continue reading

Story time.

Dear dreamers, So I decided that I’ll post something every Tuesday! Maybe more than one later on, but we’ll have to see. I also updated my portfolio! For this post I was looking through… Continue reading

The most terrible blogger award goes to..

Dear dreamers, Oh my god I am seriously the most terrible blogger ever. If you read back my posts, looking at the dates, you’ll notice that I – mostly – only blog during… Continue reading

12 hour LiveStream on Facebook!

Dear dreamers, Today I am helping with a 12 hour Livestream. here is the link of the page! Go check it out!